Accreditation: good idea, bad implementation.

Wouldn't you rather...

Person talking in front of a whiteboard
Update Lectures?
Books, magnifying glass, & atom symbols
Advance Science?
Computer terminal & monitor
Design a Better System?

Accreditation Aid helps you collect crucial data and analyze your institution or degree.

Make meaningful curriculum improvements in less time:

  • Document Generation
  • Automated Assessment Analysis
  • Assessment Tracking (Real Time)
  • Calendar Aware Accreditation Guidance and Management
  • Meeting Scheduler, Agenda Generator, Concurrent Note Taking
Continuous improvement has never been this efficient and effective!
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It's Easy!

  • Register Once
  • Upload Calendars
  • Automated Document Drafts
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It's Safe!

  • AWS Hosted
  • Separate Sub-Domains
  • All Student Data Anonymized